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From Australasia vast deserts and glistening coastlines and wildlife to New Zealand, thermal springs, soaring peaks and glaciers are sure to delight. On the Cook Islands and Fiji, discover tight-knit communities and beautiful scenery – a true island paradise.

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The chance to travel world’s smallest continent is an absolute thrill for the senses and once you’ve got to Australia and Oceania have a rich, vibrant, and breathtaking history and landscape awaiting all who travel to it.  Whether you want to learn about the Aboriginal people, explore the wildlife, or just relax on a beach, you can do it all in Australia and New Zealand, then why not let your Australia and Oceania holidays go totally tropical as you discover the likes of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga and the islands of the South Pacific. Diving with whales in Tonga is hard to beat but Aussies and Kiwis may well beg to differ, with each other.  Here are some of our favorite (and often overlooked) spots:


Adelaide  Known as The City of Churches, Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and surrounded by world renowned wine regions.  As the nickname implies, there are also a large number of churches in the city that were built during the European colonization.  The architecture in the innermost part of the city is retained from the colonial era, but there are many modern amenities to enjoy while you’re taking in the views.


Darwin  Australia’s most internationally diverse city, Darwin can be found on the northern coast of the continent.  With lush landscaping and incredible views of the Indian Ocean, Darwin was once the busiest transportation cities, due in large part to its proximity to so many other large international neighbors.  During WWII the city of Darwin took a heavy hit, but the city fervently and passionately rebuilt their home.  Museums, artifacts, and remnants of this time can be found throughout the city, as well as a wide variety of international cuisine.


Palau  You would be remised in your visit to Australia and Oceania without experiencing the vast and incredible natural habitats held therein.  Palau is home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world and there are places for snorklers of all different skill levels.  Divers will also find this beautiful underwater landscape a joy to see.  While enjoying the unusual wild life, such as stingless jellyfish or giant clams, this natural underwater world is also home to some incredible wartime wrecks.  Something for everyone!


New Zealand has two major islands. And there are isles, atolls and reefs galore to explore in the South Pacific Ocean. So hanging by the water is a major draw card in the Oceania region. Take a boat trip to see the depths of the ocean and get up close with neon-hued fish and corals. An island-hopping cruise is a great way to pack in more than one tropical isle, and then you can immerse yourself into the culture and nature of the interior landscapes with a quad-biking tour or village tour.

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