There may only be a few countries to cover when you’re visiting North America, but there’s still a lot of territory there, and a lot of variety. If you’re planning a trip to North America, you’ll have your choice of many different climates and locales. Each place has its own distinct cultural feel too.


Cities such as Washington, D.C., New York, Toronto and Montreal offer a temperate climate that changes from sweltering in the summer to cold in the winter. There you may find yourself getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of some of the continent’s largest centers of commerce and international trade. As such, the people tend to be a little more serious and work-oriented -- though they certainly take time to play by indulging in the many theaters, museums and musical events the area has to offer.


On North America’s west coast, you’ll find a generally warmer climate, cities that are a bit more laid-back, and people who tend to be more relaxed as well. Dotted throughout the United States and Canada you’ll find hints of the Native American -- or “First Nation” culture, as it’s called in Canada -- that existed long before colonization of the continent. In the Southern U.S., expect to find rich foods and a “southern hospitality” that values manners and good breeding, as well as warm weather most of the year.


If you’re headed to Mexico, take delight in the rich colonial, Aztec and Mayan history by visiting pyramids and touring colonial churches, or take part in “mañana time,” as it’s often called, by kicking back on some of North America’s most stunning beaches on either the Pacific or Atlantic/Caribbean regions.


Traveling in North America can be a rewarding, varied experience, and one not to be missed.

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